Mobile App SecureSher

A Simple and Secure Location and Textsharing App.

SecureSher Mobile App

A simple and secure location and text sharing app.

This app allows you to share any location in a secure manner with your friends. You can pick your exact location on Google Maps and share it securely with your friends.

In the background the app uses what3words and encryption to securely share your location.

The app also allows you to securely share a text snippet using encryption with your friends and family. Best of all there is no user registration and none of your texts plain and encrypted are ever stored either in the cloud or on the device.


Complete privacy and effective encryption together with the awesome

what3words way to share your location


No user registration and no personal details collected.

Exact location

What3words allows you to specify an exact location anywhere in the world with only three letters .

Text Sharing

Snippets of text can be shared securely using a password based encryption. The password and the text both plain and encrypted is never stored on the device

UI/UX Design

A very simple no frills design allows all users to use the app affectively.

App Store

App store iOS app will be launched in due course


More features will be rolled out to include image/file sharing and PKI based encryption.

App Screenshots

The entirety of all the use cases are illustrated below